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  • Our puppies are $1,200 each.  We pride ourselves in the incredible investment of both time and money that we spend on our dogs. The price of your puppy reflects the value of the dog you will receive. We are not a kennel and our parent dogs are our pets who live in our house. Our puppies are raised with us and are played with and loved all day, every day.  When we are not with them we keep constant watch through a security system that we can see on our mobile devices. We feed only the best diet and provide plenty of exercise and love for each of our dogs.  If you desire a puppy from a superb bloodline that is health-tested, socialized, and hypoallergenic, you have found the right place at Shepherdsfold Cockapoos. If you would like to speak to me (Christie), please call or text us at 660-373-9744.

Where are you located?

  • Contact us for directions to our home. 

What is their temperament?

  • We have carefully chosen our breeds, for a family-loving pet. The Cockapoo makes an excellent companion pet – they also do very well in homes with children, cats, and other dogs. The Cockapoo is a very adaptable dog breed – they can adjust to their owner’s lifestyle when it comes to living space and exercise habits. 

What are our delivery options?

  • The best option would be to pick up your puppy from our home.  We love to meet the people who are blessed with one of our sweet puppies.

  • We will meet you halfway or up to 65 miles from our home, free of charge.

  • Ground delivery is offered for certain areas of the United States, which will be an additional fee.

  • Flying a puppy is another option as well. This option can be pricey, as it generally costs $400 but is sometimes the best option for the least amount of travel time for the pup.  You will need to check with the airline of your choice.

Things to know before adopting a Cockapoo

  • They do not like to be left alone and can develop separation anxiety if left solo for long periods. I suggest getting a playmate for your puppy.

  • Cockapoos thrive on being busy and are playful dogs who love being in a family environment.

  • Cockapoos are easy to train, and puppy training will help them grow up to be well-rounded, happy and obedient dogs.

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