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We are currently accepting deposits, so if you are interested in a puppy from this current litter or a future litter, send us an email at or call or text me at 660-373-9744

Below is our current reservation list.

We have ONE list for every litter that we have and will have in the future. 

When our litter is 2 weeks old, each person (starting with #1) will have the opportunity to choose a puppy or wait until the next litter. You can make your choice earlier than 2 weeks if you wish, but we ask that you decide which puppy will be yours by 2 weeks of age so that we can move down the list and let each person choose their perfect puppy. 

After you have chosen your puppy, you are moved from the "Reservation List" to the "Reserved List" and when your puppy turns 8 weeks old, he or she gets to go to your home. 

Reservation List

1. Jessica M. 
2. Haley S. 
3. Sabra C. 
4. Jack R. 

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