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We purposely picked our parent dogs from different parts of the United States after a lot of research. Our dogs were chosen because of their temperaments, bloodlines, and beauty.  All of our parent dogs have been DNA tested with excellent results. We were amazed at how they responded to our love with total affection and devotion. We know that if you pick one of our puppies you will have the same experience of love and devotion.

Meet Anna

Anna is our papered F1 Cockapoo Mama.

Born March 5, 2022 in Indiana.

She is a beautiful red Cockapoo and we love her temperament. She has a quiet disposition and everyone loves her (us and the other dogs).


Meet Dorcas

Dorcas is our papered F1 Cockapoo Mama.

Born June 30, 2020 in Lynnville, Tennessee.

She is cream with apricot ears. Dorcas has been Embarc tested and all the results are excellent.   


Meet Cephas

Cephas was born in Southern Missouri.  He is a beautiful red Mini Poodle.  He is purebred with papers and has been DNA tested for our program, with excellent results.  He too lives in our home and is a beloved member of our family. 

Cephas is our first male dog ever and we were so surprised at his loyal character.  He is highly intelligent and does not need a leash and is very responsive to our calls.  He is a sweet little guy who loves to be with me wherever I go.


Meet Sully

Sully was born in Reno, Nevada.

He is a papered Grand Champion Mini Merle Poodle.  He belongs to a friend of mine and we use him to breed our females from time to time.

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